What We Do

AfroDaze is an event-hosting organization based in Indianapolis.

AfroDaze pushes culture and diversity through its events. Over 30 nations have participated in AfroDaze events. Festivities are LGBTQ friendly. AfroDaze partners with a necessary cause based in Indianapolis. These organizations are typically non-profit in nature, with specific fundraising goals. Funds are generated from event proceeds and donations from the public.


Attendees range from 21-50 years old. Doctors, engineers, accountants, administrators, musicians, athletes and students are just a few occupations represented. Music typically enjoyed includes afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B, reggaeton, dancehall and pop.

AfroDaze was founded by Shioma “Sho” Obemeata in 2018. After moving from New York in June 2018, Sho noticed cultural representation missing in the downtown social offerings. His mission was to bridge the gap, thus birthing AfroDaze in October of the same year. 


In addition to representing cultures through an array of people and music, each AfroDaze party offers some form of food for attendees enjoyment. No surprise that AfroDaze's mission is “cultural representation through food and music.”

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